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Special Issue: Canadian Students & A Limited-Time Offer

For the past two weeks we have been discussing common grammar issues that plague the writing of many students and professionals. We started by discussing active versus passive voice, and last week we talked about using terminal punctuation—more specifically, the period.

This week, however, we are taking a break from our writing pitfalls series to welcome a new group of clients and to give you some details about a limited-time fall promotion!

Canadian College & University Students

Frist things first, we would like to welcome Canadian university and college students to The Paper Editing Service. Why these students in particular you might ask? We launched almost a decade ago, and our first clients were Canadian university and college students. Over the years our clientele has shifted; however, this fall we are renewing our presence on a number of Canadian university and college campuses by establishing a network of campus representatives that are responsible for conducting online and off-line marketing. (If you are interested in joining this group of campus representatives, or if you would like more information about this program, please click here.)

To welcome this new Canadian clientele, we are offering Canadian dollar billing for all Canadian university and college students for the entire fall semester. That's right—you avoid the exchange on your dollar for this semester. Give us a try and be billed in your currency.

Fall Promotion

If you are not a Canadian college or university student, you might be feeling a little left out. Well, we have something for you too. For the next four weeks, we are offering free proofreading and editing samples for any new clients. The samples will be limited to approximately two pages (500 words) per new client, and they can be accessed using the coupon code FALLFREE on our submission form.

This limited-time offer is only available until October 13th, and so do not hesitate to submit your work right away. Let us show you what we can do!

Live Chat

Finally, you may have noticed that our new web site comes equipped with a live chat feature where you can speak directly with a member of our team. Do you have a last minute question about our services? Perhaps you have a quick proofreading/editing question? Simply click the ‘Need help’ icon found on the left side of any of our web pages to access this quick and efficient service.

That's all for today—have a great week and we will chat again next Thursday!

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