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Earn A Better Grade—Now

Professional and Efficient Online Tutoring Services

PES is a well-established educational support company that has been providing professional proofreading and services all over the globe for more than a decade.


PES Online Tutors are a recent addition to our services, and we think you will find that our tutors are the perfect solution to the current COVID-19 "online schooling" situation that we are all experiencing right now. Your online learning routine can be enriched and your grades increased when you book online tutoring sessions with PES Online Tutors!

NOTE: All tutoring sessions are conducted via Zoom, which requires a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone equipped with a webcam and mic. Students do not need an account with Zoom to participate; however, there is a free Zoom account option that you may access if you wish.

Who are PES Online Tutors?

PES Online Tutors are university students and graduates who have excelled in their field and have the skils and passion to impart their knowledge to other students.

What grades and subjects are tutored?

PES Online Tutors provide a generalized, all-subject service, with a specialized focus on high school and university mathematics (including calculus) and sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics).

How much does it cost? What hours are the sessions offered?

PES Online Tutors offers both private and group sessions. The cost of a single private session is $30/50 minutes. Booking multiple sessions at a time will allow for a $5 discount per session. The cost of group sessions is $15/student/50 minutes, with a maximum of four students per session.

PES Online Tutors operates 7 days/week with openings in the morning, afternoon, and evening. To book an online tutoring session, we invite you to click the button below.

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