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Let Us Proofread Your Paper—Today!

Professional and Efficient Poofreading and Editing Services

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Our clients can be found at the following instutions:


Academic Papers

One of our qualified editors will carefully analyze your paper with the following features in mind: grammar, formatting, writing style, organization, logic, and flow.

We use MS Office's track changes function so you can see every change we make. Our editors are also committed to providing useful comments on your work.

We guarantee the paper we return to you will be a more polished and professional document that matches your preferred formatting.

Personal Statements

The specialized team members that provide this service realize that it requires significantly more than a typical proofread. They will provide you with an extensive paragraph-by-paragraph critique of your content, pointing out areas of both strength and weakness and where additional or different content is required.

Admission to graduate and professional school is extremely competitive. Therefore, it is important for you to have a personal statement that stands out with excellent grammar and engaging content.

NEW Personal Statement Coaching

Our team will provide one-on-one support to clients to collaboratively assemble a high-quality personal statement within five days. The intensive coaching will involve a 30-minute intake interview with the client (via Zoom) regarding academic success and future aspirations, composition of a first draft using large verbatim quotes from the interview process, review of the first draft with the client (via Zoom), adjustments, and a final exit interview on day five (via Zoom) where a perfectly polished personal statement is delivered. 

This coaching service is limited to one personal statement of up to 1,000 words for one academic institution. Clients may pay an extra fee for a longer personal statement or to adapt one statement for use at other academic institutions. 

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Academic Papers

Five-Day Return        (15,000 word maximum)

Three-Day Return     (15,000 word maximum)

Two-Day Return        (12,500 word maximum)

24-Hour Return         (10,000 word maximum)

12-Hour Return         (5,000 word maximum)

6-Hour Return           (2,000 word maximum)

Personal Statements

Three-Day Return      (2,000 word maximum)

Two-Day Return         (2,000 word maximum)

24-Hour Return         (1,500 word maximum)

12-Hour Return         (1,250 word maximum)


*Use our project submission form to get an instant quote for your document. 

**For projects greater than the maximum word count, please contact us for a custom quote. 

NEW Personal Statement Coaching

Five-Day Return       (1,000 word maximum)


The Paper Editing Service is NOT a writing service that composes original work on behalf of its clients. On the contrary, The Paper Editing Service is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity and does not engage in or encourage plagiarism of any form. The editing team will help clarify your ideas and will return your document with proper English grammar and formatting.

(NOTE: Our new personal statement coaching service relies heavily upon content from the personal interview—therefore, we are simply organizing and clarifying the voice and achievements of each client.)


Before you have their work proofread by any third party, you should confer with the policies of academic integrity and plagerism associated with your institution or workplace to ensure that you do not unintentionally breech any regulation therein.


If you have any further questions about the ethics associated with The Paper Editing Service or third-party proofreading and editing in general, please contact us!


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